Attaché Sales Matrix

With Attaché Sales Matrix you can instantly see an on-screen analysis of sales. This can be by customer, by product, by salesperson, within periods to your specification and for your selected values of pricing, margin, volume and many more. An infinite variety of questions can be answered by mining the data. This might be discovering your top 20% of customers or analysing your margin per unit.

Uncover The Truth

  • View where sales are succeeding-or under-performing
  • View what products were not sold
  • Sales figures can be ranked from high to low
  • Scope for future improvement
  • View sales data on one screen 

80/20 Analysis

  • Narrow your focus to your key customers and products
  • Salesmatrix focus feature gives you flexibility in reports

Arm your sales team

  • ‘On the road’ access to sales force and distributors
  • Maximise opportunities and revenues from clients


Answer The Difficult Questions

  • Which of my Sales Channels are losing customers?
  • Which Customers are not buying products they should be?
  • What Customers have recently stopped buying from us?
  • Which Products have un-exploited Cross-Sell opportunities?
  • Where are we missing opportunities within retail chains?
  • Which Customers should we target a loyalty program at?
  • What Customer groups do we make the highest margins with?
  • What products should I place together to maximise Market Basket Sales?
  • If we set a goal of a 10% volume growth how many additional customers?
  • Will we need to target and sales staff to cope with the growth?

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