Save documents to Debtor and Creditor accounts in EXO

Did you know you can list all the documents related to a debtor or creditor account in EXO?

It could be a word processing document, a graphics file, or any document that is recognised by a Windows application.

When sending e-mails from EXO Business, users also have the option to save a copy of the email in the corresponding debtor’s Documents tab.

E-mails from Microsoft Outlook can also be dragged and dropped into the Documents tab.


Attach documents into EXO

Accounts > Contacts > (Contact Name) > Docs
Documents can be attached to contacts or accounts. They can be linked to the database
(using less memory) or saved into the database (more memory).

To import a document:
1. Open the Docs tab on the Contact screen.
2. Click on the new iconicon and then on New.
3. Click on the upload iconicon on the toolbar.
4. Navigate to the document you wish to import and double-click to open.
5. Choose how to connect the file:
• Save as a Link Only (linking is the recommended method as it uses less space within
the database).
• Save file to database.
6. Enter referencing details into Document Manager (the document date, file name
and source path will be automatically entered).

documents manager

7.  Click Save.

The document is now linked to the database and visible from that contact. It can be
opened and edited as required.


Drag & Drop Emails into EXO

If you have important emails you have received from a client or supplier you can easily drag and drop them into the Debtor or Creditor file.

To do this just simply

1. Open up the particular debtor or creditor you would like to save the email to.
2. Go to the documents tab.
3. Select the email within your inbox, select and hold the left mouse click and drag into EXO.
4. It will then prompt you by asking if you would like to save the document, select YES.

save document

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