Send Messages to other users in Maze

Maze has a ‘Send Message’ feature that allows users to send and/or receive messages to/from other Maze users.

To access this facility, click on the Messages icon (or click this same icon from within the Current Users screen).

messages icon

You will be presented with a screen split into two sections: the top section displays the list of messages in your inbox/sent items; the bottom section displays the details of the highlighted message in the top section.

Maze Messages

You can create a new message, for either an individual or all users, by clicking on the New icon. You will then be presented with a screen which allows you to type in the message for the individual.

new message

send message

Clicking on the To button will present the following screen:

send to

Select recipients by ticking individuals in the Users list and/or the Groups list or by selecting either the All Users or Logged In Users radio button at the bottom. Click OK.

Enter a subject into the Subject line, select a priority, enter or select an Expiry date and choose to send a Maze message or an email.

Type your message and then click the Send button .


The next time the recipient logs into Maze they will be advised of a new message.

one new message

Click Yes to view the message in this screen

view message

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