Special Maintenance and Create General Ledger Charts in Attaché

There are two features within the Attaché General Ledger that can save time setting up a chart of accounts. These are ‘Special Maintenance’ and ‘Create General Ledger Chart’.

‘Special Maintenance’ can be extremely useful where you want to copy or modify large sections of your chart. For example, you may have several departments or divisions within one company. Each division has the same account codes in the general ledger except the prefix is different, as shown below.

A1000               Accountant         (Division A)       OR       1000       (Division 1)
Cleaning           Cleaning              (Division A)                     1200       (Division 1)
Stationery        Stationery            (Division A)                    1300        (Division 1)

Copied to                                                                              Copied to
B1000                Accountant        (Division B)                     2000       (Division 2)
B1200                Cleaning             (Division B)                     2200       (Division 2)
B1300                Stationery          (Division B)                     2300        (Division 2)

You can enter all the codes for Division A then use Special Maintenance to copy these codes to Division B, Division C etc., changing the prefix in the process. You can also change the prefix of the Add-To codes during the copy. All that will be left to do is the fine tuning, such as adding extra codes for one division etc. This can save an enormous amount of time not only in entering the chart but also in checking it.

Note: Special Maintenance can have far reaching effects on your chart of accounts. Make sure you take a backup before using this program. It’s an easy matter to restore a backup, it’s not so easy to undo the changes if you made an error in your selections.

Create General Ledger Chart allows a chart to be copied from one company data path to another. This is very useful if you want to create a new chart in exactly the same format as the existing one, which can be required when you have more than one company.

All you need to do is log in to the new company then use Create General Ledger Chart to copy the chart of accounts from the existing company. Any balances will be reset to zero in the new company and existing transactions will not be carried over.

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