Staying in control of a growing business



Business growth is exciting. It represents a realisation that your vision is becoming a reality and it should start to pay you some solid returns on all the blood, sweat and tears that you have pored into your business. However, strange, as it may seem, business growth, if not measured and managed properly, presents some serious challenges to the sustainability of your entire business viability. Growth for growth’s sake can affect cash flow, damage customer service and severely impact the core functions and key profitability areas of your business.

Effectively managing growth in your business

To ensure that your business growth is positive growth you need a system that will help you track and measure all elements of your business. Sales, stock control, service levels, profit margins, cost control, staff numbers and contingent liabilities like Superannuation should be able to be managed in one integrated system that allows you to keep control of your business when it is running at full speed.

Without such a key management tool, you run the risk of losing money in areas that are no longer profitable..

To measure business growth effectively your integrated management system should -:

  • Run seamlessly across your whole business
  • Be simple and easy to understand for everybody who needs to use and operate it.
  • Deliver key up to date data on demand
  • Increase efficiency

Only when you embrace one integrated management software solution can you hope to really understand your business and how it can be improved.

Getting an integrated business management software system is an obvious step, but finding the right system that is going to deliver the data that will help you make better decisions in relation to your business takes expertise and time that your business probably does not have.

So, how can you confidently install a system that will make your business more efficient? How can you ensure that your staff will adapt to the new system and use it to its full extent?

The answers to these questions lie with Acacia consulting services.

Engage with a professional and experienced implementer of new system who will identify the needs specific to your business and help develop an enterprise resource plan that will work for you.

Some criteria you should look for when selecting your partner to implement your system:

  • Has proven implementation methods and project management
  • Experience & knowledge about the system
  • Offers ongoing support
  • Can provide examples of customisations
  • Understands your industry
  • Has testimonials
  • Offers training
  • Are certified
  • Are up-to-date with the latest information
  • Have an informative website

Acacia Consulting Services apply a collaborative approach when reviewing management system requirements.

If you want to stay in control of your growing business, the best step is to arrange a consultation with Acacia Consulting Services to begin the steps to creating your enterprise resource plan.

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