Vocational Education & Training (VET)

The Maze VET Module is the most flexible and easy to use package in its class. The VET Module allows users to import essential VET information such as qualifications, units of competency and industry areas, and to identify which qualifications and/or units they wish to offer in a given academic year. Any student in the Maze database can then be enrolled into appropriate qualifications and units. Recording of VET results may be done individually by student or in bulk by simultaneously entering results for all students undertaking a selected competency. The Maze VET Module has been developed according to AVETMISS standards and provides streamlined data capture and maintenance processes for Units of Competency and Qualifications offered by a school and undertaken by students. The VET Module ensures that all standard reference data is loaded automatically during installation, including AVETMISS and State codes, enrolment activity, and RTO types. A comprehensive set of VET reports will aid the VET coordinator in his or her day-to-day duties, and enable the transfer of VET data from schools to authorities such as the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).


  • VET Groups can be created for both competencies and students.
  • Facility to automatically generate VET enrolments based on a VET group.
  • Range of enrolment and data checking reports by students or offerings.
  • Export formats to produce files designed to submit to various governing bodies.
  • The Maze VET Module makes the import and selection of Units of Competency and Qualifications easy.
  • Link subjects to Units of Competency.
  • Enrol students easily.
  • Unit of Competency result entry by Individual Student or In Bulk.
  • Easy entry for completed Qualifications.
  • Range of Data Checking reports.
  • Simple to navigate grid screens to view, maintain or update the information displayed for each student’s competency enrolment.

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