Ways to increase traffic on your website


How to draw targeted traffic to your business website

Everyone tells you that you must have a website to present your business to the world at large, but that slick looking website showcasing your business isn’t worth a cracker unless it attracts real visitors interested in what your business does and how it can help them. There are numerous ways to attract targeted visitors to your website and the whole subject can become confusing. Here are some of the proven ways to get more traffic to your site.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This involves setting your website up so that search engines like Google know what your site is about and what it relates to. This article cannot hope to make you an SEO expert, but it is absolutely essential that your site be easy to read for Google “bots” and other search engine crawlers. On site SEO, with accurate targeted page titles, meta descriptions, relevant readable content and appropriately tagged pictures and images is the bare minimum SEO that should be done and in some cases where competition is not great, is sufficient to get a ranking on the front page of Google. However, with increasing levels of competition, SEO has become highly competitive and the ranking algorithms are subject to constant change. Factors that Google and others are known to rank include Social signals, back links, outbound links and authorship. If you are operating in a competitive market environment with multiple competitors, engaging an SEO professional is probably the best bet. SEO services can be expensive. Investing some time in finding an SEO expert that can deliver results without charging the earth is well worth it.

2. Pay Per Click and Pay Per view advertising. Search engines and social media sites provide advertising services on a pay per click or pay per view basis. These services are highly targeted and will hone in on specific keywords and phrases. The difficulty in this area is doing the keyword research and monitoring the traffic as it comes in. Pay per click advertising can be a great way to drive traffic, but it needs to be closely monitored within advertising budgets to ensure that you are getting value for your advertising dollar. Pay per view is particularly popular with Facebook advertisers where you can target your ads to specific demographics as narrow as suburbs and age brackets.

3. Social media. There is no doubt that social media has transformed communications, advertising and the media world in general. Social media offers an excellent and inexpensive way not only attract new people to your website and business but to engage with your existing client base. Each social media outlet has its own voice and some will suit your business profile better than others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and Google Plus all offer opportunities to promote your business and website.

4. Attach a blog to your site. Commit to making regular entries about business related matters. Every entry you make will be listed in search engine results and has the added benefit of being shareable by visitors – attracting viral traffic. Once you establish a blog, you can ask visitors to subscribe to your news feed or newsletter so that they don’t miss an update. You don’t need to call it a “blog.” Call it news or recent updates should you prefer.

5. Start an online newsletter. Using specialised email marketing software called an autoresponder, you can create your own mailing list. Keep subscribers updated with special offers, discounts and promos. A regular well written newsletter that actually adds value will build loyalty and brand -it will also entice readers back to your website. Professional autoresponder services are relatively inexpensive and will cost around $20 per month for most mailing lists.

6. Place your web address on your stationary. This often overlooked strategy adds to your appeal and web presence. Put your web address on business cards, letterheads and even envelopes. Put your website at the front of people’s mind.

7. Consider using coupons to attract new visitors. Leveraging coupon companies like Groupon can attract new visitors and clients to your website and business. Coupon advertising is in many cases “loss leader” type promotion and you would need to carefully think through your marketing strategy to make this viable.

8. YouTube a short video describing your services or achievements and placed on YouTube, linking back to your website can generate new visitors. YouTube videos do rank directly in search engine rankings, a little keyword research can result in the YouTube video ranking on Google and pointing back to your site.

Traffic generation is the key to making your website a profitable part of your business. A little time spent on learning the ropes of traffic generation will help you to get more visitors to your website and more customers for your business.