XML EDI for Attaché BI allows XML orders from your major customers to be imported directly into Attaché, saving hours of data entry time. It supports two popular XML EDI order formats: HIWG XML and GS1 XML.

XML EDI for Attaché BI has been developed specifically to work with Attaché BI by the team at Acacia.


  •  Import EDI Orders from customers as Sales Orders into Attaché BI
  •  Import Sales Orders using silent/unattended KFI using the Attaché BI ADI screen
  •  Supports HIWG XML (Hardware Industry Working Group) and GS1 XML file formats for Orders
  •  Import XML Order files directly from an FTP site or from local folder
  •  Allows Customer code translation for HIWG format Store code by adding a prefix and suffix to translate to an Attaché BI customer code
  •  GS1 XML format utilises the Attaché Customer GLN (Global Location Number) to look up and identify the customer
  •  Can be scheduled to run under the Windows Scheduler
  • KFI option to force Back Order quantity to zero, or allow Attaché BI to set the Back Order quantity automatically in cases where there are shortages

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