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Frequently Asked Questions about MYOB Advanced Implementation

MYOB Advanced

What does ERP stand for?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

What is an ERP system and why do I need it?

An ERP system combines core business processes (such as human resources and customer relationships, finances, and inventory/stock management) and critical functionalities into a streamlined, singular user interface to increase efficiency and accessibility.  
These core processes are often referred to as “core modules”.

What is a ‘Core Module’?

The term ‘Core module’ is used to describe the primary module of that system. The most common ‘Core Module’ is the Financial Module which normally includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales and purchase ordering, inventory control and accounting analytics.

Is ERP suitable for my industry?

ERP systems are suitable for all types of industries as they can be customised to meet your specific requirements, to provide you with a fully integrated business management solution.

Is ERP scalable if my business gets bigger?

A good cloud-based ERP system needs be scalable and have the capability to grow as your business grows and remain customisable to meet your changing needs.

Can our old data be migrated to our new ERP system?

Data can be migrated into your new ERP system depending on the software package that you are coming from. Our specialists will discuss your requirements with you regarding data migration.

Do we need a partner to implement ERP?

A partner is typically required to implement an ERP system due to the complexities involved. As ERP systems are highly customisable and require specific setups it is advisable to implement your ERP system with an accredited partner. Once your system is implemented you have the option of partner support.

How Much Does an ERP Implementation Cost?

The cost of any ERP implementation is specific to the business, its size and scope, and the industry within which the business operates.
The cost of the software (whether licence or subscription) may also be determined by what core modules are required and the number of users accessing the software.

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Call us on +61 3 8560 5220