Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions listed below on this website may be over-ridden by those listed on the official Quotation and/or other Documentation that you have received prior to any work being completed by Acacia Consulting Services (known as “Acacia”).


Acacia is a partner to MYOB for:

  • MYOB Exo Business
  • MYOB Exo Employer Services
  • MYOB Advanced Business
  • MYOB Advanced Payroll

We also integrate with a variety of third-party providers, including:

  • Traild
  • ezyCollect
  • simplyPaid
  • Data Line
  • Web Ninja
  • Straightsell

Looking for a tailored solution? Please refer to this page for a list of custom applications developed by the Acacia team.

Relevant T&C for the above are listed below:

  1. All software and Annual Licensing Fees (ALF) must be paid for in full before Acacia will place the order with the vendor. This may take up to 5 working days.
  2. Where authorised, and subject to appropriate remote access, Acacia will install your new licence(s) or assist you with this process.
  3. All software is provided under the terms and conditions of any pre-exisiting vendor End User Licensing Agreement (“EULA”).
MYOB Exo Upgrades
  1. Acacia provide services to make the upgrade work on your server. We make the assumption that your IT team will perform the upgrades on individual workstations and OLE_DB drivers will be installed as a precursor to the Upgrade.
  2. Where Acacia is engaged to upgrade individual workstations, we cannot know until we login if issues may be encountered due to permission, access, Team Viewer login, or inconsistent setup. This will result in additional time, charged on a ‘time and materials’ basis and included in the final invoice.
  3. Acacia will undertake the upgrade and deploy directly to your live production database, unless a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment is requested.  In this event we will need to supply a secondary quotation to cover the Upgrade for test and live environments.
  4. A time will be scheduled with you for the undertaking and completion of works.
  5. You will be advised upon completion of the Upgrade.  Any issues you may identify will need to be advised to Acacia within 14 days after the Upgrade completion. Ever changing environments in your specific software ecosystem mean that the upgrade quotation pertains only directly to the works performed.
MYOB Advanced
  1. The initial subscription is for 12 months (however, it includes 15 months allowing for setup time) and monthly thereafter; months 2,  3 and 4 of this subscription will be free of charge
  2. Additional charges may be incurred for excessive storage, email campaigns or company instances.  These charges are levied directly by MYOB; for further information refer to relevant product documentation.
  3. The above prices include 20Gb of storage space (extra Gb of storage can be added for $19 per month).
  4. Five companies are included in the monthly fee (additional companies can be added for $19 per month).
  5. All licenses are named licenses.
  6. All software is provided under the terms and conditions of your pre-existing vendor End User Licensing Agreement (“EULA”).

Consulting Support

All consulting support provided to a client is charged at a standard hourly rate, as indicated in our service level agreement.

Consulting support is further classified into:

Level 1 - Basic Helpdesk Issues

Level 1 support is the essential provision of answers on functions and processes of the system in a standard deployment. Includes: 

  • How to  /  Self Help
  • Where do I find
  • Password resets
  • Minor investigation of reported errors
  • Licencing queries
  • System availability
Level 2 - Client Driven Requirements

Level 2 support deals with changes to functionality and/or development of customised reports or minor programming configuration changes. Includes: 

  • Requested changes to standard functionality
  • Consulting support for site specific issues and/or processes outside of the standard
  • Reconciliations
  • Import Scenarios (MYOB Advanced)
  • Business Alerts (Email Alert)
  • Fixed Assets
  • Dashboards
  • Bug Diagnosis and Remediation
  • Creation of New Reports,
  • Data management for Import/Export
  • Set up of New Companies
  • Training / Onsite visits
  • Change to data
  • MYOB Exo Upgrades
  • MYOB Exo Server Migration
  • MYOB Advanced Upgrade
Level 3 - Customised Solutions

Level 3 support involves discussions and planning with a Consultant to determine your requirements and provide a scope. All consulting time to review, discuss and implement is chargeable.


  • Custom Functional Development
  • Advanced and Complex Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • 3rd Party Add-On/Integration
  • New Software Module
  • Data Repair
  • Database administration
  • Interrogation or rebuilding of the database (technical issues beyond the user interface (the screen you see)