Get your systems working
with you not against you

How technology is transforming

Technology is helping not-for-profits streamline operations and get more from every donor dollar.

Many not-for-profits face significant barriers to change – low budgets, lack of time and a reluctance to invest in operational solutions. But, as organisations that get past those roadblocks have found, the results are well worth the effort.

  • Streamlining key processes saves time and reduces mistakes.
  • Data is accessible through one platform, giving you a daily overview of your organisation.
  • Reporting and budget tools give you better control of your finances.
  • Remote access lets you and your teams work from anywhere.

Read our guide for an in-depth look at the tech transformation of not-for-profits – and what it could look like in your organisation.

MYOB Advanced Business: transformational tools in a
unified package

Streamline for time savings

By bringing your people and your data together, MYOB
Advanced Business lets you connect the dots across
your organisation, cutting unnecessary tasks and
streamlining key processes.

Data makes the difference

With all your organisational data housed in one
platform and accessible through a simple dashboard,
MYOB Advanced Business gives you an accurate
overview of what’s happening in your not-for-profit
at any point. Everyone works from the same data set,
which means fewer mistakes and miscommunications.

Better reporting, better decisions

Smart reporting tools generate reports and budgets in
minutes and in real-time. With this capability, it’s easier to
report to leadership and make the right decisions going

Remote access gives you more options

Because it’s a cloud platform, MYOB Advanced Business
is accessible from anywhere on almost any device. This
gives you and your teams flexibility around where and
when work is done and ensures that all details are upto-
date, reducing the need for rework or doubling up on
data entry.