Acacia Developed Products

Tailormode solutions to unlock your full business potential

Acacia offers a wide range of tailormade add-on software solutions, that integrate with the MYOB software suite. Our software development team love making things easier for clients, especially if they can see a faster or better way to get things done.

Web Ninja for Exo

The Web Ninja allows users to create Quick Supply Orders to Invoices, as well as Automatic Payment Generation and Automatic Payment Allocation.


The Simpro2EXO Interface is used to synchronise standard accounting data from Simpro to MYOB Exo as a one-way only synchronisation. The download from simPRO can be manually initiated or scheduled using command line options if required.

OrderMate for MYOB Exo

Automate the production, packing and delivery of daily customer runs, with the flexibility to make last minute changes to your clients’ delivery preferences. Ideally suited for food manufacturers with standard customer orders, such as bakers, but also businesses making daily collections.

OrderLoader for MYOB Exo

Optimize your CSV imports with Order Loader. Seamlessly integrate into MYOB Exo, customize column mapping, and ensure accuracy with default values. Skip unnecessary rows, select your preferred field separator, and simplify your workflow.

Mobile App For Android & IOS

Mobile App for MYOB Exo allows staff to look up Exo customers and Exo suppliers data using a phone or a tablet. The App uses live Exo data, so it is always up-to-date.

Printbot for MYOB Exo

PrintBot for MYOB Exo adds automated document printing to Exo processes which saves hours of tedious and repetitive work.
You can automatically send emails or print documents based on specific events in MYOB EXO.

OrderDrop for MYOB Exo

A companion application for MYOB Exo for rapidly importing purchase orders. An Excel spread sheet is sent to Buyers, who fill order information directly into a pre-prepared template, and then send it back to the Seller for automatic processing.

Cash Based GST Report In MYOB Exo

This report is based on the payment date for both customer and supplier and matches with the Bank GL Movements for the selected period.

Stocktake Web App For Exo

The Acacia Stocktake Web App is a Web application that allows warehouse stocktaking to be performed using a mobile device with option support of a barcode scanner.

Jobcost Time Clock

Jobcost Time Clock is a PC based time clock for Exo Jobcost. It allows employees to clock on or off Exo Jobs and idenitify the job task (Exo Labour code). Time is derived from the MS SQL Server ito ensure all time clocks are synchronised.

Scan & Pick For MYOB Exo

MYOB Exo Sales Orders seamlessly load onto the IPad in real time and the sequential pick scan process by bin location makes for ultimate accuracy in supply.