OrderLoader For MYOB Exo

An Acacia Developed Product

Order Loader is your go-to solution for a smooth and efficient CSV import process into MYOB Exo. Empower your business with the flexibility, customization, and control needed to handle data seamlessly, ensuring that your information is accurate, up-to-date, and ready for action.

Seamless Data Import

– Import Flexibility: Order Loader allows you to effortlessly import CSV files from both local storage and SFTP locations, providing you with the convenience of choice in data source.

– Column Mapping: Take control of your data with the ability to map selected columns either by column number or column header to your preferred MYOB Exo field. This customization ensures that your data aligns perfectly with your system.

– Default Values: Customize your experience by setting default values to be applied when encountering invalid data in the CSV files. This ensures accuracy and consistency in your imported data.

– Dynamic Information Sourcing: Choose to use descriptions or prices directly from the CSV file, or opt to fetch information from the MYOB Exo database itself. This flexibility allows you to adapt to your specific data needs seamlessly.

Enhanced Control and Efficiency

– Skip Rows Feature: Skip unnecessary rows effortlessly with the skip rows feature. This empowers you to focus only on the data that matters, saving time and enhancing the overall efficiency of the import process.

– Field Separator Selection: Tailor your data import process by electing your preferred field separator character. This feature ensures that you can easily import any file without the need to edit the original CSV file, providing a hassle-free experience.

Effortless Integration

– Direct MYOB Exo Import: Once configured for your client’s exported CSV files, Order Loader simplifies the data import process by seamlessly integrating with MYOB Exo. Enjoy a straightforward and swift transfer of data, enhancing your workflow and reducing manual effort.

Key Benefits

Time Saving

Cuts down on processing time by doing the work for you.


Developed to ensure maximum compatibility as Order Loader is completely customisable.

No data loss

Data is imported into MYOB Exo to ensure that no data is lost.