MYOB Advanced gives your business an advantage by improving the allocation and restocking of raw materials. MYOB Advanced inventory management capabilities enable effective management for the tracking of materials. Using MYOB Advanced Business Management Platform can provide the following benefits: 

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

MYOB Advanced offers real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing you to accurately monitor the availability of resource materials. This helps in avoiding stockouts, ensuring that you have the necessary materials on hand for production. This includes raw materials, consumables, and other items needed for production.  

Optimised Inventory Management

MYOB Advanced inventory management features enable you to optimise your inventory levels. By tracking material usage, lead times, and demand patterns, you can make informed decisions about restocking quantities, reducing excess inventory, and minimising carrying costs.  

Allocation for Jobs

MYOB Advanced allows you to allocate specific quantities of resource materials to individual jobs or projects. You can assign the required materials to each job, ensuring that the necessary resources are available for production.  

Resource Material Planning

MYOB Advanced inventory planning tools help you forecast and plan for resource material needs. By analysing your past business data, sales orders, and production schedules, you can estimate the required quantities of resource materials and plan for restocking accordingly.  

Reordering and Purchasing

MYOB Advanced enables you to automate the reordering process for resource materials. When inventory levels fall below predefined thresholds, MYOB Advanced can generate purchase orders or requisitions to restock the materials. This streamlines the procurement process and ensures the timely availability of resource materials.  

Supplier Management

MYOB Advanced vendor management features help you maintain relationships with suppliers. You can track supplier information, pricing, lead times, and performance metrics, ensuring that you work with reliable suppliers to restock resource materials efficiently.  

Integration with Production Planning

MYOB Advanced integrates with production planning and scheduling modules, enabling better coordination between material availability and production needs. This ensures that resource materials are allocated based on the production schedule, minimizing delays, and optimizing the utilization of resources.  

Cost Tracking

MYOB Advanced allows you to track the cost of resource materials used in production. You can analyse material costs, monitor variances, and gain insights into the overall cost of production. This helps in controlling expenses and making informed decisions regarding material restocking and sourcing.  

Streamlined Collaboration

MYOB Advanced facilitates collaboration between different teams involved in material allocation and restocking of raw materials. In MYOB Advanced you can view the same inventory data from different modules for instance you can have the same view in the purchase module as in the inventory module. It provides a centralised platform where employees can access real-time information, communicate efficiently, and collaborate on decision making related to material allocation and restocking.  

By using MYOB Advanced for the allocation and restocking of resource materials in the sheet metal industry, you can optimize inventory levels, minimize stockouts, streamline procurement processes, and improve cost control. These benefits contribute to increased operational efficiency, reduced production delays, improved profitability, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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