Business Support Fund Expansion

The Business Victoria website is a great resource full of useful and helpful information for Small Businesses – and not just specifically for Victoria.

They and the Victorian State Government have just announced a series of $5,000 grants that are potentially available to Small Businesses as part of this Business Support Fund – Expansion program.

This is an expansion to the first grant, initially made available a few months ago.

A brief summary is listed below.


Available Funding

Victorian Business Support Fund

Victorian Business Support Fund

The grant amount is $5,000 per business.

The Program will be open for applications until 11.59 pm on 19 August 2020.
A business as defined by its ABN can only receive one grant under this Fund.


How The Funding May Be Used

Grant funds may be used to assist the business, for example on:
• Meeting business costs, including utilities, salaries or rent;
• Seeking financial, legal or other advice to support business continuity planning;
• Developing the business through marketing and communications activities; or
• Any other supporting activities related to the operation of the business.


If you you are keen to find out more, you “must assess all the conditions and confirm you can meet the requirements of the grant”.

Please click the below link or copy/paste it into your browser, to visit the Business Victoria website to find out more:

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