MYOB Advanced is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that provides a wide range of functionality for the management of a business, including key areas such as financials, inventory and manufacturing. While MYOB Advanced doesn’t have built-in capabilities for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) solutions, it can integrate with CAD software applications through its open Application Programming Interface (API).  

By leveraging the MYOB Advanced interface, it’s possible to develop custom integrations or use third-party integration tools to connect MYOB Advanced with external CAD solutions, such as CADtalk. These integrations can enable the exchange of data between MYOB Advanced and CAD software, allowing for a more streamlined workflow and improved collaboration between your design and business teams.  

An ERP system can play a crucial role in managing the impact of CAD changes on the manufacturing process

ERP systems can integrate with CAD software, enabling seamless data transfer between the design and production teams. This integration ensures that everyone involved has access to the latest design revisions, minimizing the risk of manufacturing based on outdated specifications. 

ERP systems can maintain version control of CAD files, helping to avoid confusion and ensuring that the correct design version is used throughout the production process. 

Integration between your CAD software and ERP, such as MYOB Advanced, will update simultaneously when changes are made to drawings and designs, eliminating multiple entries and the costs from time re-entry errors.  

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