Happy 30th Birthday Acacia Consulting Services !!

This week we here at Acacia Consulting Services mark the momentous milestone that is our 30th Birthday.

In late November 1989, Managing Director, CEO and owner Dianne Semmens hung our her shingle and thus https://acaciacs.com.au was born.

Dianne had spent several years working for various accounting and software companies and really enjoyed it.  She loved the concepts, the software and particularly liked the training aspect – helping people and businesses get the most out of their accounting systems.

So much so, that Dianne went out on her own.

Dianne had big goals for herself, her business and her clients and was focused on making these become a reality.

Taking on more and more clients, the business began to grow…..and Dianne needed help: a nice position to be in !

In 1992 Dianne’s husband John Semmens came on board as Technical Director.  John’s technical (and accounting) knowledge is formidable, so his expertise and experience combined with Dianne’s equal and complimentary leadership, accounting, software, technical skills and experience was the obvious next logical step.

And they haven’t looked back.

Acacia Consulting Services has grown consistently over the last 30 years.

We have been in the wonderful position of helping businesses and business owners organize and sort out their finances, implement systems, solutions and processes as well as helping these owners and financial controllers take their businesses to the next level.

Long term staff, long term clients, long term relationships, long term enthusiasm and long term passion for helping people (and their businesses) make every day a wonderful day at Acacia Consulting Services !

We have moved offices a few times over the last 30 years.  We have seen hardware, software and technology changes that make the financial and accounting tools available for business owners so much easier and more powerful.

We have seen business processes and methodology change in Australia and around the world significantly over the last 30 years: and our Consultants have been at the forefront of all of this to advise, support and work with our clients for three decades.

Our business and product offering has grown over the years too.

Acacia Consulting Services

We are pleased to be a significant player in MYOB and Maze implementation and advice space.

We are excited with our MYOB customisation and reporting options, as well as our own in-house Acacia developed products and customisations that we can offer our clients.

May we take this opportunity to wish ourselves a very Happy Birthday and to thank you, our clients, for a fantastic last thirty years.

Here is to another 30 years !!