How To Run MYOB Exo From Home

Given the world-wide focus on the Corona Virus covid-19 at the moment, many businesses are trying to make sure that their employees can run MYOB Exo from home.

Being able to run MYOB Exo from home is part of their Business Continuity Plan, or it can merely be a convenience for business owners and their staff.

Either way, there are a few tips, tricks and options for getting MYOB Exo to function correctly and successfully from outside of the regular business environment.

There are several options to run MYOB Exo from home – please discuss these with your IT team !!

The following 2 options we use successfully at Acacia.


1. RDP / Terminal Server.

This involves connecting directly to the Server within your business that runs MYOB Exo.

If Exo is installed on a server within your organisation, then getting your IT people to enable you or your staff to connect via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a relatively simple concept.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) could be created first to enable an extra layer of security and protection….. but even without a VPN the simple RDP connectivity provided by Microsoft Windows can allow almost anyone with the correct connection details, login ID and password to access the server.

And if this server has MYOB Exo installed on it – as is usually the case with small to medium sized businesses running EXO – then this can often be the easiest and simplest solution.

Keep in mind there can be licensing costs associated with RDP connectivity which can limit the number of individual and concurrent users….however, if you only need to give one or two or three Exo users access, then this may not be a problem for you and your team.


2.  Teamviewer

Teamviewer is an amazing remote access tool.  And, best of all, it can be used for free.

If you call and speak to us at Acacia Consulting Services, we often encourage you to download the Teamviewer application from our website.  This in turn allows us to look over your shoulder and help you on your screen as if we were sitting next to you at your desk in your office.

The same logic applies if you install Teamviewer on your computer on your desk at work.  The trick is to select the “allow unattended access” options when installing it on your work computer.

Teamviewer provides excellent security mechanisms as well as providing relative simplicity of use and functionality.

Taking note of Your ID and Password on your work computers installation of Teamviewer, you can then go home, install Teamviewer on your home computer and access your work computer as if you were sitting at your desk in your office.

Presuming that your MYOB Exo functions correctly while you are at work, then this is another simple solution for how to run MYOB Exo from home.

There are several other applications that offer similar functionality to Teamviewer that your IT department may wish to explore.

However, we use Teamviewer successfully both within and external to our office and we encourage our Clients to do so as well.


How To Run MYOB Exo From Home

In this current period of uncertainty, ensuring that you and your staff can continue to operate your business is probably high on your agenda.

And even in not so unusual times, remote access, flexible working locations and arrangements are worthy of consideration anyway.

If you need a hand with enabling your staff to run MYOB Exo from home, or from a location other than in your usual office, please Contact Us or call us on ph +61 3 8560 5220 and our team at Acacia Consulting Services will be only too pleased to help.