MYOB Exo Employer Services is Retiring

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FAQs on the End of Life status for Exo ES (needs better words)

Q: Why now?

A: MYOB Exo ES runs on the FoxPro database, which is a product that is reaching the end of its shelf life. As we know, any database is only secure if it is still receiving updates against new threats and vulnerabilities. This means that continuing to use Exo ES may leave your business data critically unsecure. To future proof your technology and business, MYOB has decided to retire Exo ES.

Q: How long before Exo ES is no longer supported?

A: This product will be supported until the end of November 2025.

Q: What does this mean for my business?

A: Modern businesses are swiftly moving to more secure, cloud-based payroll and business solutions. In that vein, migrating your existing system to MYOB Advanced Payroll offers a flexible, scalable and future-proof solution to help eliminate payroll complexity and ensure compliance.

Migrate early to a secure, cloud-based payroll solution with Acacia Consulting

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MYOB Advanced: Powerful, scalable features to meet your every business need

  • Track daily financial operations with a complete array of accounting features
  • Generate financial statements
  • Tools to bolster your reporting, analysis, budgeting and planning
  • Support for multiple currencies & languages and organisations of varied sizes or complexity.
  • End-to-end information on all customer activities and records in a single database
  • Real-time sales data via dashboards, analytics and reports for improved forecasting
  • Integrated CRM to manage marketing, quoting, sales, post-sales support and customer information
  • View Inventory in real-time and manage stock levels, costs, re-ordering and in-transit items
  • Multiple site management of staff, equipment issues, sales and purchase orders
  • Serial and batch tracking, bin locations and kit assemblies can all be managed with the advanced Inventory features
  • Manage multiple customer and supplier price lists including order discounting policies.
  • Real-time management of billing, time and expenses.
  • Timesheet logging for employees and contractors anytime, anywhere
  • Billing by work type, project or customer requirements
  • Track all costs, revenues and budgets  for projects from a single location
  • Manage account processes accurately and efficiently.


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