MYOB Advanced Business is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform providing real-time visibility for control over your business, including the management and maintenance of machinery. MYOB Advanced Business offers features and capabilities that can be leveraged for machinery management and maintenance purposes in the sheet metal industry providing many benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:  

Asset Management

MYOB Advanced Business has a fixed assets module that allows you to track and manage your machinery as assets. You can record detailed information such as purchase date, location, maintenance history and warranty details. This helps in effectively managing and organising your machinery inventory.  

Asset Depreciation

For companies that own machinery, MYOB Advanced Business offers asset depreciation tracking in the fixed assets module, helping businesses manage the financial aspects of machinery ownership and its associated expenses over time.  

Service Management

MYOB Advanced Business includes service management capabilities that allow you to handle machinery service requests, track service contracts, and manage field service operations. You can create service tickets, assign them to technicians, schedule appointments, and monitor service performance.  

Equipment Tracking

MYOB Advanced Business allows you to track and manage equipment by creating and maintaining equipment records in the system. You can store relevant information such as equipment specifications, serial numbers, warranties, maintenance schedules, service history, and equipment timecards under the time and expense module. This provides a centralised repository of information for your machinery.  

Preventive Maintenance

MYOB Advanced Business enables you to create and schedule preventive maintenance plans for your machinery. You can define maintenance tasks, set up recurring schedules, and assign them to specific equipment or groups of equipment. This helps you ensure regular maintenance activities are performed to prevent breakdowns and optimise equipment performance.  

Work Orders and Service Management

With MYOB Advanced Business, you can generate work orders for machinery maintenance or repair tasks. Work orders can be created based on maintenance schedules, triggered by meter readings or service requests. These work orders can be assigned to technicians or maintenance teams, who can then track and manage maintenance activities efficiently.  

Parts and Inventory Management

MYOB Advanced Business includes inventory management capabilities that allow you to track spare parts and consumables related to your machinery. You can manage stock levels, create purchase orders for replenishment, and track the usage of parts during maintenance or repair activities. This ensures you have the necessary parts available when needed and helps in controlling inventory costs.  

Reporting and Analytics

MYOB Advanced Business provides reporting and analytics tools that allow you to gain insights into the maintenance activities and performance of your machinery. You can generate reports on maintenance history, equipment uptime, costs, and other relevant metrics. These insights help you identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimise your maintenance processes.  

Integration and Mobility

MYOB Advanced Business supports integration with other systems and devices, such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors or machine monitoring systems. This integration enables real-time data capture from machinery, including performance metrics, sensor readings, alerts, and predictive maintenance.  

Mobile Support

Mobile accessibility of MYOB Advanced Business also allows technicians to access maintenance-related information, update work orders, or capture data directly from the field. MYOB Advanced Business offers mobile applications, allowing field technicians to access and update equipment information, complete maintenance tasks, and submit reports remotely.  

While MYOB Advanced Business provides a foundation for machinery management and maintenance, it’s worth noting that specific industry or sector requirements may require additional customisation or integration with specialised maintenance systems or equipment-specific software. By using MYOB Advanced Business for machinery management and maintenance, sheet metal industries can achieve better control over their equipment, minimise downtime, optimise maintenance schedules, and reduce costs. This helps in improving overall operational efficiency, extending the lifespan of machinery and maximising the return on investment in equipment. 

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