MYOB Advanced Business can assist in managing the end to end fabrication process for the sheet metal industry by providing comprehensive functionality to streamline various aspects of the process. Here are some ways MYOB Advanced Business can support the sheet metal fabrication industry:  

Estimating and Quoting

MYOB Advanced Business can handle estimating and quoting tasks, allowing you to create accurate and competitive quotes based on material costs, labour hours, overhead expenses, and other factors. You can track quotes, manage revisions, and convert them into orders seamlessly.  

Order Management

MYOB Advanced Business enables efficient order management by providing tools to manage customer orders, track order status, manage changes, and allocate resources such as materials and labour. It allows you to handle complex order configurations and variations.  

Inventory Management

MYOB Advanced Business helps you effectively manage sheet metal inventory by tracking stock levels, locations, and costs. You can set up automated reorder points, manage multiple warehouses, and track material consumption during the fabrication process.  

Production Planning and Scheduling

MYOB Advanced Business offers features to plan and schedule sheet metal fabrication jobs. You can create production orders, define routings and operations, allocate resources, and generate work orders. It helps optimise production schedules, manage capacity, and minimise bottlenecks.  

Shop Floor Control

MYOB Advanced Business provides tools to track and monitor the progress of fabrication jobs on the shop floor. You can record hours worked, track material usage, capture job statuses and update job costing information in real time. This data helps you maintain visibility in your production process.  

Quality Control

MYOB Advanced Business allows you to define and enforce quality control procedures for sheet metal fabrication. You can track inspection results, capture non-conformances, and trigger corrective actions. This helps ensure adherence to quality standards and reduces rework or scrap.  

Financial Management

MYOB Advanced Business’s integrated financial management capabilities enable you to manage costs, track profitability, handle billing and invoicing, and generate financial reports. You can gain insights into the financial performance of your sheet metal fabrication operations.  

CRM and Customer Service

MYOB Advanced Business includes customer relationship management (CRM) functionality to manage customer interactions, track leads, and provide excellent customer service. This can help you maintain strong customer relationships and handle inquiries or support requests efficiently.  

Job and Project Management

MYOB Advanced Business offers project management capabilities that enable you to track and manage sheet metal fabrication projects from start to finish. You can define project tasks, allocate resources, and monitor progress, ensuring the timely completion of each job.  

Cost Tracking and Accounting

MYOB Advanced Business’s financial management capabilities help in tracking costs associated with sheet metal fabrication projects. It provides cost analysis, and profit and loss reporting, and enables you to monitor project profitability.  

Integration with CAD/CAM Software

While MYOB Advanced Business itself does not offer built-in computer-aided drafting (CAD) capabilities, it can be integrated with external CAD software to streamline the design-to-production process. This integration ensures that engineering changes and revisions are communicated effectively to the shop floor.  

By leveraging MYOB Advanced Business’s comprehensive ERP system and potentially integrating it with specialized CAD solutions, sheet metal fabrication companies can achieve better visibility, control, and efficiency throughout their end-to-end fabrication process. However, it’s essential to work with experienced consultants or MYOB Advanced Business partners to tailor the system to your specific business needs and ensure a successful implementation. 

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