Have you ever gone live and realised too late that your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has errors and bugs? MYOB Advanced Sandbox allows you to test your software before it goes live. You can find the bugs beforehand, which means it will save you time, money and keep your clients happy.

 What exactly is MYOB Advanced Sandbox?

Like a child’s sandbox, it is essentially a ‘play’ area. MYOB Advanced Sandbox is an exact copy of your existing ERP system, which allows you to test new features and applications without affecting your live business data.

If changes don’t work, it’s not a problem. Because you are working in your sandbox, you can easily return your ERP to its original state.

Sandboxes are used to:

    • Ensure functions are working correctly
    • To test newly configured or a customised process
    • To diagnose potential issues
    • To test new upgrades on your ERP system


MYOB Sandbox testing

Why is it so important to do testing with MYOB Advanced Sandbox?

ERP systems are complex and feature multiple different data sets, modules and functions. It is critically important that businesses perform thorough sandbox testing to ensure the system is working correctly. If new functions are installed to the live system without sandbox testing, this may cause potential problems and directly affect the ongoing operations of the business.

Top tips on effective MYOB Advanced sandbox testing

Make sure you have installed the latest version or upgrade of MYOB Advanced Sandbox or have organised sufficient access for your testing.

If you are trying to fix an issue with your current ERP system, load the sandbox and test the functionality. You can easily troubleshoot the issue without affecting your live data.  If you are still experiencing issues, please contact with your ERP experts at Acacia.

If you are testing the impact of a software upgrade/release, get other staff members in your business to follow the required steps and report back the results. If more staff from different sections do testing, you will have a greater user experience.

Software test areas could include:

    • Payroll
    • General Ledger
    • Invoicing
    • Purchase Orders
    • Billing

Important note on testing!

It is important to test the process of generating invoices while in MYOB Advanced Sandbox, but make sure you do not follow through to the email stage. Your ERP system will send test invoices via email to customers, even in sandbox mode. 

Be aware, while your ERP system is in sandbox mode, it is still linked to:

  • Third-party vendors
  • Automated email systems
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) batches submitted to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • Bank feeds


Once testing is complete, keep track of any potential issues and try to solve them before the live system is upgraded.

Your ERP support partners at Acacia are willing to help with any issues that are found in the sandbox testing stage. For more information on MYOB Advanced Sandbox testing contact Acacia or call us or on +61 3 8560 5220.