Have You Outgrown Your Current Financial Software For Small Business?

It is easy to just keep doing what you have always been doing.  Financial software for small business is something that you know you should look at soon, it’s been on your “To do” for quite a while. You started your business years ago and bought some generic off-the-shelf financial software.  Your business has now become more complex and you have greater reporting requirements. Over time perhaps you have cobbled together several systems and applications – many of which do not work or play well with each other. Do you need to remember to update some spreadsheets while hoping that your staff have done their bit in updating these spreadsheets first? End Of Financial Year and quarterly reporting has become a nightmare. So much so that you almost long for the days when you kept all of your financial records as pieces of paper in a literal shoe-box.

What are some of the indications that you have outgrown your current system?

Below are some indications that you have probably outgrown your current system of financial software for small business. Do you:

  • Have a large number of users across multiple locations ?
  • Struggle to get reports – and, accuracy in these reports ?
  • Manually move data from multiple platforms, often resulting in data entry errors ?
  • Wish you had Bill of Materials (BOM) lists and data for min/max reordering and supply management ?
  • Need control over your General Ledger ?
  • Require easy to understand Management Dashboards that reflect how your business is performing “at a glance” ?
  • Need advanced stock management across all of your locations, including serial & lot tracking, style/colour/size and Bill of Materials ?
  • Want a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system ?
  • Need to manage imported stock from overseas suppliers ?
  • Require jobs and project management ?
  • Need to manage sales orders, supply chain and customer invoicing ?
  • Need sales staff to quote and process orders on the road ?


At Acacia, we excel in tailoring systems, processes and software to suit YOUR business.

One of the key things that we can bring to your table is reviewing and tailoring your current systems to provide one total integrated solution. Implementing and supporting ERP systems and financial software for small business is what we specialise in. We have a wealth of knowledge, backed by a team of skilled and specialist consultants. For over 30 years we have been passionate about supporting the businesses we work with, as their business requirements change and become more complex, and as their businesses have grown.

We are here to help you get on with running your business. If you would like to discuss your business and accounting software needs, please Contact Us or ph +61 3 8560 5220