2021.1.5 Release Notes

Installing this release

The 2021.1.500 release is automatically deployed to all production accounts.

New features

Velixo Reporting integration

Velixo Reporting has been fully integrated with MYOB Advanced. This means that you no longer need a customisation to use Velixo Reporting with MYOB Advanced.

Before upgrading, you must unpublish the VelixoConnectedAppConfig.zip customisation. If you don’t, Velixo Reporting won’t work in MYOB Advanced.

Velixo Reporting generic inquiries are still added through the Microsoft Excel add-on, and aren’t included as part of this release.

For Velixo Reporting to work with Microsoft Excel, you still require a Velixo licence that is paid for separately from MYOB Advanced.

New compliance reports

Two new compliance reports for superannuation are now available in MYOB Advanced Payroll:

  • Superannuation Report (NZ & AU) – This report is useful for record keeping and auditing. It lists all the superannuation and Kiwisaver amounts per fund for an employee, including contributions from both employee and employer in a completed pay run. If required, you can submit this report to Super Annuation Account.
  • ESCT Report (NZ only) – This report helps you to assess the ESCT rate for an employee for the next financial year. It contains the superannuation and Kiwisaver details per fund for an employee, including contributions from both employee and employer from all completed pay runs in the selected date range.It’s a good idea to run this report at the end of every financial year.

Default setting for deduction pay items update

In MYOB Advanced Payroll Payroll, when you create a new deduction pay item with the Deduction Category set to Attachment Order, the Reducing Balance Calculation checkbox is now automatically selected and can’t be deselected.

Resolved issues

List of resolved issues
Issue ID Description
CE00022968 CE00022924

When releasing entitlements adjustments batches, an error could occur: “Inserting ‘GL Batch’ record raised at least one error. Please review the errors. Batch is out of balance, please review”. This was caused by selecting the Validate Batch Control Totals on Entry checkbox.

This has been resolved. Now, the Control Total in Journal Transactions are automatically entered for all entitlement adjustments batches. This means you no longer need to deselect the Validate Batch Control Totals on Entry checkbox when releasing entitlement adjustments batches.

CE00011400 CE00010831 The Entitlement Movements report has been replaced with a new version, which now shows the correct Opening Balance, even when it contains a negative value.

CE00020531 CE00019924

CE00024427 CE00024910

CE00025141 CE00025120

CE00022507 CE00021942

The following issues with Payroll Expense Allocation have been fixed:

  • Processing expense allocation batches with the Allocation Method set to Fixed and the Allocation Type set to Leave could cause an error: “Missing or invalid Project Posting Option in Payroll Preferences“ while processing the Payroll expense allocation batches. This has been resolved
  • On the Payroll Preferences screen, an issue related to invalid or missing project posting options has been resolved.
  • Running a payroll expense allocation batch with the Allocation Method set to Fixed, an error could occur: “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object”. This has been resolved.
  • When allocating work cover expenses in an allocation batch with the Expense Account Source set to Default Expense Account, then the From Account and To Account were incorrect. This has been resolved.

CE00023116 CE00023092 CE00024152

CE00023115 CE00023089

CE00019389 CE00019288

The following fixes are for issues where values were incorrectly rounded:

  • Amounts and units on a payslip now exactly match the calculated values and quantity displayed on an Employee’s Current Pay screen for leave taken pay items.
  • On the Employee’s Current Pay screen, Quantity * rate now match exactly with the calculated value.
  • The Sum of Leave quantity on the Days Taken window now match the Quantity for leave taken pay item on the Employee’s Current Pay screen.
  • Sum of the Payment amount on the Employee Leave Summary screen now matches the Calculated Value on the Employee’s Current Pay screen.
  • When a leave taken pay item is added to the Employee’s Current Pay screen, the rounding is correct.
Selecting the Import Timesheet action on the Pay Run Details screen could cause an error: “Updating ‘Pay Item’ record raised at least one error. Please review the errors.” This has been resolved.
Deleting a pay group from the Employee Pay Details screen could cause an error: “An unhandled exception has occurred in the function ‘MoveNext’. Please see the trace log for more details.” This has been resolved.

Known issues

List of known issues
Issue ID Description
CE00022166 CE00022077

Opening a new pay run uses the old rate in the current pay, rather than the rate in the employee’s standard pay.

CE00018929 CE00018891 CE00020705 Cent values for employee pay rates for different pay items are different on the employee’s payslip compared to the Employee’s Current Pay screen.