Excel OrderDrop for MYOB EXO

OrderDrop is a companion application MYOB EXO for rapidly importing Sales orders from Excel.

It is designed to allow an EXO user to send out a template Excel Spreadsheet to their customers to allow them to fill in the order information and send it back.
The Excel sales order can then be directly entered into EXO by dragging and dropping onto the OrderDrop application from the desktop or a convenient folder.

This quick video shows how it works….

OrderDrop supports two Excel Spreadsheet formats for the Order Lines, with columns as follows:

* Stock Code, Description and Quantity
* Stock Code, Description, Quantity and Unit Price.

It would normally be used without pricing, in which case the pricing rules within MYOB EXO are used.
OrderDrop utilises the MYOB EXO stored procedure BestPrice to determine pricing.

All Stock Codes are validated, and any incorrect stock codes are highlighted in Red on the OrderDrop Screen.
Incorrect stock codes will not be saved into a Sales Order in MYOB EXO.
There is an option to eliminate all incorrect codes to allow the Sales Order to be created without them.

OrderDrop also allows Sales Order Header fields to be loaded from the Excel Spreadsheet. Fields such as Customer Order Number, Customer Account Number (AccNo), Location, and others may be specified to be pickup from specific Cells in the Spreadsheet.