Automatic Printing and Emailing in EXO

Add automated document printing to EXO processes to save you hours of tedious and repetitive work.

It is now possible to automatically send emails or print documents based on specific events in MYOB EXO.

PrintBot can be programmed to automatically print EXO Clarity Forms. It is specifically intended to add automated document printing to external applications that may adding orders or transactions into EXO, and require a document to be printed.

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  • Print sales order picking slips automatically when a web order is received.
  • Email staff when an order is created.
  • Print delivery labels automatically when a customer invoice is created.
  • Print stock labels automatically when goods are receipted.
  • Print updated shelf labels when a stock bin code is changed.
  • Email a customer when their delivery is being prepared.
  • Email third party warehouse with an order or purchasing alert.
  • Automatic email/stop credit processes to remind customers that they are outside credit terms (Dunning Letters)
  • Provide automatic SMS messaging for critical events e.g. stock level warnings

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