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ERP solutions for successful business management
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Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is crucial to the successful management of your business.

Collaboration is key to understanding, developing and deploying your solution.

Acacia Consulting Services has helped many businesses implement their new system and offer a range of customisations and configurations to suit your requirements.

A Project Manager is appointed who will oversee all elements of the project and ensure the smooth transition of your implementation, taking into consideration resources (yours and ours), documentation, budget and communication.

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Our services


Review of your business processes & requirements.


Configuration to meet site specific requirements.


Installation of your new software and workflows.


Train your team on your new system.


The Go-Live of your new system.

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Guide To Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Guide To Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

With the rapid changes in technology, it’s easy to believe that cloud computing and software is a new service, but the reality is, cloud computing has been around for almost 20 years. Over the years cloud technology has improved and evolved to make it one of the most...

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ATO Stapled Superannuation Fund Guide

ATO Stapled Superannuation Fund Guide

From 1 November 2021 there are changes to comply with pertaining to Superannuation Choice of Fund rules, namely, stapled superannuation funds. Each employee now has an existing super account which is linked, or 'stapled', that follows them as they change jobs. This...

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Staying within budget when installing an ERP

Staying within budget when installing an ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an essential asset for any manufacturing and distributing business. Without an ERP, projects and data can be lost between departments, and processes are more likely to have errors and delays. When installing a new ERP...

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