ERP Software Implementation

Your ERP solution is crucial to the successful management of your business. Collaboration is key to understanding, developing and deploying your solution.

Acacia Consulting Services has helped many businesses implement their new system and offer a range of customisations and configurations to suit your requirements.

A Project Manager is appointed who will oversee all elements of the project and ensure the smooth transition of your implementation, taking into consideration resources (yours and ours), documentation, budget and communication.



The analysis component of an implementation is key to successful delivery. Acacia work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and processes to support your organisational goals required for today and longer term. This review may result in refinement of your existing processes, all of which will form the basis of project delivery.


The software is configured, together with any site specific customisations in preparation for Go-Live. Acacia set up your system, which includes access levels for staff and preparation of template documents and reports as determined during your Analysis Phase.


The software is installed. This may require liaison with third party IT companies. The software can now be used in ‘test’ form by all of your team for the all-important familiarisation prior to Go-Live (Deployment Phase).


Training is a vital element in any project. A structured training program is scheduled, taking into account the standard features of the software, together with any site specific functionality. Deployment should not occur until your team is fully trained.


The software becomes operational in your live environment after final checks and balances have been performed. Ongoing assistance will be available to your team to ensure efficient use of your new solution. We will also be on hand to assist with your first End of Month prior to your project close.


The project is officially closed with a meeting to review your project delivery. Follow up actions will be recommended, documented and scheduled. You will be provided with a login to our client portal for ongoing support, providing an interactive online environment to log and manage tasks.

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