Scan & Pick For MYOB Exo

An Acacia Developed Product

Picking orders using barcodes via a smart device with audible prompts to ensure correct picking of products, reducing customer dissatisfaction and credit notes. Does your warehouse team to pick the wrong stock? Our simple to use, yet powerful stock scanning system uses readily available off-the-shelf hardware to get you up and processing as quickly as possible. All you need is an iPad and a Bluetooth scanner.

Sales Orders seamlessly load onto the iPad in real time and the sequential pick scan process by bin location ensures an efficient and streamlined chain of supply. Save time and money by improving your picking speeds and achieving a significantly lower error rate, thanks to our built-in barcode validation. Extensive picking statistics assist in reviewing and improving operational and employee performance in a far more tangible way than ever before.

Key Benefits

Live, up-to-date data

Process orders directly into your system.


A clear overview of outstanding orders on your iPad.

Faster Orders

Using a wireless scanner to scan and pick, ensures the correct items to deliver to your customers

Instant Notifications

Your iPad will alert you with a sound if the wrong item has been picked and will confirm once the order is complete.