Stocktake Web App For Exo

An Acacia Developed Product

 Acacia has a unique edge, with the ability to integrate other systems and tools. The Acacia Stocktake Web App for Exo is an application that allows warehouse stocktake to be performed using a mobile devices with optional support of a handheld barcode scanner.

Key Benefits

Multiple Users

Allows multiple staff to perform stocktake counting using mobile devices in the warehouse.


Uses Exo’s stocktake process to initialise, review variance, and upload stocktake.

Accurate counting

Individual counted quantities are recorded and accumulated into Exo’s stocktake count, which means no double entries.

All Devices

Developed to ensure maximum compatibility across different mobile devices.

No data loss

No data is stored on the mobile device, and counted quantities are entered into the Exo database in real-time.

No limitations

Runs on devices and systems, including Android, iOS and Windows.