Automatic Printing of MYOB Exo Documents

PrintBot by Acacia Consulting Services is an add-on for MYOB Exo that provides automatic printing of MYOB Exo documents and automatic emailing of MYOB Exo documents – with attachments !

For example, if you have a website or Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ) system automatically adding Sales Orders into Exo, you may want the picking slips to be printed automatically, without manual intervention….

….  PrintBot can do that.


As another example, if you run a manual report, you may want it automatically emailed to your staff….

….  PrintBot can do that.


PrintBot has been operational at our Clients sites for several years now, and in late 2019 it went through a major revision with the release of PrintBot V2.


Introducing PrintBot Version 2

The new release of PrintBot V2 now operates as a Windows service, to ensure continued, unattended operation.

PrintBot V2 now includes the expanded capability of automatic emailing of documents from MYOB Exo, in addition to printing.

As an example, PrintBot v2 allows you to automatically email MYOB Exo reports on a scheduled basis – to yourself, or to your team.

These might include sales reports to be sent to managers or sales reps; or perhaps these might be reorder or replenishment reports.

Your reports are always prepared and printed with MYOB Exo; however getting them prepared and emailed automatically has been quite difficult in the past.

Automatic printing of MYOB Exo documents

Automatic printing of MYOB Exo documents and automatic emailing of MYOB Exo documents with PrintBot by Acacia Consulting Services


Now with PrintBot V2, you can set up the automatic printing of MYOB Exo documents: your sales reports are there in your printer tray without you having to think about them.

Also, you can set up the automatic emailing of MYOB Exo documents: your sales reports are automatically emailed to your sales reps the moment you create them….or even at the moment they are created automatically !

Some possible opportunities for PrintBot V2 to help you and your business are:

  • Print sales order picking slips automatically when a web order is received.
  • Email staff when an order is created.
  • Email sales staff reports for their territories immediately upon generation.
  • Print delivery labels automatically when a customer invoice is created.
  • Print stock labels automatically when goods are receipted.
  • Print updated shelf labels when a stock bin code is changed.
  • Email a customer when their delivery is being prepared.
  • Email third party warehouses with an order or purchasing alert.
  • Automatic email/stop credit processes to remind customers that they are outside credit terms (Dunning Letters).
  • Provide automatic SMS messaging for critical events e.g. stock level warnings.

To find out more, or to discuss how PrintBot V2 integrated into MYOB Exo can save you and your staff time and effort, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, you can read more here :  PrintBot for MYOB Exo