The implementation of a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will transform any business. One of the main reasons businesses move to a cloud-based ERP is the speed of change and the power of innovation, however, it’s important that the implementation is done correctly.

Moving to a cloud ERP is a big change for any company and concerns regarding downtime and disruption are valid, but more importantly, you need to understand how moving to a new cloud-based ERP system will deliver on the promise of greater efficiencies in the management of all aspects of the business.  A true ERP integrates all aspects of the Manufacturing life cycle, from design to planning to production, into the core operations of sales, purchasing and replenishment ensures that you know what you need to make, what you need to make it and when all of this needs to happen.

To achieve this, a collaborative approach to the project is a must, focused on process improvement and minimal disruption to your current day-to-day operations.

An experienced Project Delivery Manager is critical in the delivery of key phases to a successful delivery:

Phase 0 – Systems Analysis

As every business is different, we undertake a diagnostic approach to gain a thorough understanding of your business to fully understand your operational and key business flows and processes. We use a guided walk through of the site to see your manufacturing operations in production.

Phase 1 – Design, Configure & Build

Armed with the site-specific business processes of your company, our team commence building and configuring the ERP to meet processes.

Phase 2 – Data Migration

We determine with you the data to be migrated from your legacy system, extract and validate, and then migrate to your new MYOB Advanced system.

Phase 3: Training

A training program is established based on deliverables. This commences with an introductory navigation session for all users, followed by employees attending sessions relevant to their positions.

Phase 4 – User Acceptance Testing

We provide you with a range of tools to assist with testing the new processes and business flows for you to make sure the system is configured per your deliverables in preparation for system delivery.

Phase 5 – System Delivery

We agree with you a day to ‘cutover’ to your new system. Notscary’, as your staff are trained, you have tested the system, and ‘are ready to use’.

Phase 6 – Post System Delivery

The project generally remains in post system delivery for 4 weeks for performance and control. Following this we close the project and introduce you to our Help Desk for generalist support.

Acacia Consulting Services have more than 30 years of experience configuring and delivering ERP solutions, with specialist consulting knowledge across many key industries. If you’re interested in talking through the advantages of moving to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, please contact us to find out more.