ezyCollect Credit Insights

All businesses rely on cash flow and want to be paid by their clients.  Businesses struggle at times with managing payments from their Clients.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get some quick and easy Credit Insights for your debtors ?

Managing payments and doing Client Credit Checks takes time and effort.  There is now an easier way.

Acacia is pleased to introduce you to ezyCollect.

ezyCollect is an Accounts Receivable and Debtor Management solution for MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced, designed to help businesses collect cash and get paid faster, in an efficient and effective way.

Credit Insights is a newly launched module that has just been released as part of the ezyCollect Platform.

It automates the processes and procedures that are normally manual and time consuming.

Credit Insights, a new module of the ezyCollect platform, offers an integrated service that provides the credit risk factor of current and new clients based on multiple analytics and metrics from data derived from multiple data agencies.

ezyCollect combines your accounting software debtor data with external data.

You can choose which customers you will closely monitor for deeper insights.

You are able to view every debtor’s credit risk right on your dashboard, allowing you to save your business from avoidable bad debts.

ezyCollect merges three debtor data sets to provide you with low-to-severe credit risk ratings for every eligible debtor: your aged trial balance, late payment and failure risk data from commercial credit reporting bureau illion, and your own late payment thresholds.

Some of the Features and Benefits with the Credit Insights solution from ezyCollect

  • Your entire debtor list is analysed.
  • Debtors are grouped into action-based lists based on day-to-day insights.
  • You can add high-risk debtors to your monitoring service for near real-time alerts.
  • Identify your low-risk customers and nurture them for more business.
  • Easy credit checks for new customers.
ezyCollect Credit Insights with Acacia Consulting Services

ezyCollect Credit Insights with Acacia Consulting Services


Click here to see the helpful ezyCollect Credit Insights Brochure.


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