Did you know that most food manufacturers and distributors don’t realise that distribution technology is available from Google Maps? Whether you run is a single vehicle business, or manage a fleet of delivery drivers, the Google Maps platform can be used to improve your operations by speeding up efficiencies with access to real-time traffic information. Here’s five ways your business can improve route management using Google Maps.

1. Access To Predictive Travel Times

Access to predictive travel times allows food manufacturers and distributors to predict how long the journey will be once the products leave the business premises. This means your business will optimise costs and improve your business efficiency.

2. Increase Daily Delivery Quota

More deliveries per day will allow for food manufacturers and distributors to gain new customers. This gives your business the ability to improve market share with the same staffing levels. Your businesses return on investment will improve without the need to take on more labour costs.

3. Minimise Delivery Errors

Minimising errors via traceability tools means lower stock returns and less time dealing with customer queries and concerns.  This can also benefit your business to better manage stock levels and potentially take on new lines without any major issues. This will  allow you to focus more energy and time on building your business rather than dealing with customer complaints.

4. Dispatching Goods To The Best Delivery Driver

Dispatching the right driver allows all food manufacturers and distributors to optimise time from warehouse to customer. All food customers enjoy the provision of fast and efficient delivery times. This will also save time and money from inefficient travel routes and vehicle wear and tear.

5. Update Your Customers On The ETA In Real Time

Customer satisfaction is one of the major keys to the success of any food manufacturer or distributors. By providing timely traceability services your customers will not only be happier but your business will become their go to provider which will improve your businesses bottom line with a cost effective solution.

Improve route management with Google Maps

How can Acacia help your business?

At Acacia, we are industry leaders in helping food manufacturers and distributors overcome issues, rebound and become more profitable. We can help implement Google Tools into your business to improve route management. Acacia has the knowledge and experience across any food manufacturer or distributor business to provide the most cost-effective solution for your business.

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