In the last ten years, many businesses have been sceptical of cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. Problems such as cost blowouts, security breaches and lost data are now a thing of the past, as software providers have progressed rapidly, offering cloud-based software with vast improvements, stronger security and the ability to handle the most demanding applications.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has benefited greatly from the advances in cloud-based systems and now there is an incredible range of possibilities and advantages for businesses large and small.

How secure is a cloud ERP system?

Security has been a big concern with cloud-based systems, and it’s the main reason many businesses are still using on-site ERPs. It’s normal to be concerned as to whether your data is safe when it’s stored in a cloud-based ERP. After all, your company data is being stored on servers that are not under your control.

But the truth is, the data that is saved with cloud-based ERP is likely to be safer than the information stored in your company’s server. The security measures undertaken by SaaS providers are likely to be more robust and powerful than the security protecting your company server, computers and devices.

Today’s cloud ERP systems provide a full range of security tools, as well as offering additional advantages, such as automated, system-wide updates to fix security flaws and automated backups.

What makes cloud ERP safer than an on-site ERP? Normally the servers are located in warehouses that most workers cannot access. In addition, the data stored on cloud servers is encrypted. This means that all the data is scrambled, which makes it harder for hackers to access.

Consistent security updates

The update process is an area where cloud ERP systems offer big improvements over on-site ERPs. When you store your data in a cloud ERP, such as MYOB Advanced, it is consistently updated to fix security vulnerabilities and improve performance. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to run an update. Your cloud service provider will regularly update its security measures.

Less than a decade ago, cloud-based ERP software was an exciting but largely unproven technology. Now, it’s clear that not only is the technology prime-time ready, but it’s rapidly becoming the gold standard. By some estimates, two-thirds of businesses using ERP software. now use cloud-based options. The wave of the future is in SaaS and cloud computing technologies that offer flexible solutions, low barriers to entry and fast time to value.

How can Acacia FMD help?

At Acacia FMD, we are an MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner and industry leaders in helping businesses overcome issues, rebound and become more profitable. We help optimise, automate and improve the traceability of your business with cloud-based ERPs such as MYOB Advanced. With Acacia FMD you know your business is working with the best in the industry. Acacia FMD has the knowledge and experience across any business to provide the most cost-effective solution for your business.

If you want more information on how your business can benefit from implementing a cloud-based ERP, please contact us.