How To Create A Successful Business

Creating and maintaining a business can be difficult and is certainly a long game proposition.  Not many people wake up in the morning wondering how to create a successful business.

If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it !

Building a business is a marathon – not a sprint.

However, with the right mindset, guidance and support, building and running your business does not have to take you away from your family and friends, nor consume your soul for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Learning from the right people, using the right tools, seeking help when you need it (and knowing when to seek help BEFORE you need it) can make your business very successful indeed.

And – keep in mind that the word “success” means different things to different people.

“Success” could mean earning a gazillion dollars, or simply enough to pay your bills and feed your family.

“Success” could mean the fulfillment you feel when helping your customers and clients.

“Success” could mean only working four days a week, or three days a week, or 5 hours a day.

“Success” could mean employing hundreds of people, or working by yourself as a solopreneur.


However, all successful businesses have a few things in common – six things in common to be precise.


Business success requires consistency.  It requires that you and your team turn up and “do your thing” each and every day.  If you are a baker, then you need to have fresh bread available to your customers every day.

If you manufacture a physical gizmo, then you need to ensure that your factory has the capabilities (the machinery and the staff) to actually create more than enough of your gizmos to supply your customers demand.

This takes discipline.  This takes commitment.  This takes consistency.


Do Work That Is Fun.

If you are going to be consistent, then it makes things so much easier if you enjoy it.

Having “fun” does not necessarily mean party hats, disco balls, excessive laughter and dancing all day every day.

But, it does mean that you should enjoy what you do and be passionate about what you and your business are trying to achieve.

It is unlikely that you will succeed if you are “only in it for the money”.

Sure, the money is a major part of your business success, but enjoying each and every day IS going to be an important factor in your success.


Provide Permanent Solutions.

It is going to be better over the long term if you are providing a permanent solution to your customers and clients, rather than a temporary one.

An on going recurring concept, such as the bread baking example above, can certainly fit in to this permanent solution.  And, on going recurring revenue is certainly welcomed too !

If you can stop your customers pain, then your business will ultimately be heading towards success.


Seek Mentorship.

Go out of your way to find someone (or a team or a company) who can provide you with mentorship and guidance.

Be respectful and be prepared to pay for their time.  Time is money – both yours and theirs.

Having someone in your corner to ask questions, seek advice and to bounce ideas around with can save you years of time and many, many dollars.

A good Mentor can recommend ideas, concepts, tools and services that will make your business life so much easier.

This in turn helps you earn (and keep) more of your business revenue and gets you to where you want your business to be so much faster.


Ask For Help.

No-one knows the answers to everything – including you.  This is especially true when it comes to running your own business.

However, chances are extremely high that there is someone out there who has experienced the issue you may currently be facing and has solved your particular problem.

Even working together with a knowledgeable and trusted person or team, external to your business, can reduce the time (and money and effort) you and your business need to take the next step.


Get The Right People.

Having the right staff can make or break a business.  Having the right team(s) behind you can propel your business forward.

Sometimes this can be a bit of “trial and error”, but if you don’t try you will never take the next steps and achieve the success that you want.

The “right” people on your “team” do not all necessarily need to be internal permanent staff members.  They can very well be external advisers, mentors and/or service providers.

You simply cannot build a successful business without having a great team.

How To Create A Successful Business

How To Create A Successful Business

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