With rapid changes in the workplace and many advances in technology, it makes sense to consider the mobility options if you’re thinking about updating or moving to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Nowadays it’s rare to find someone without a mobile device. People are using their phones, tablets and laptops as mobile workstations, especially in unpredictable times, when working remotely or from a home office. With the ability to work wherever and whenever it’s important to make the mobility of your business top of the list when choosing a cloud ERP.


What are the benefits of using a mobile cloud ERP?

An ERP system is one central point of control that allows businesses to manage finance, supply chain, employees, and customers. A cloud-based ERP provides the same business management system, but it is all online. The benefits of a cloud ERP system include low upfront costs, faster implementation, a reduction in IT support, limited software upgrades and increased security.

In addition, cloud-based ERP systems are mobile ready. Accessing your business information anytime and anywhere is possible as soon as your business implements the system.


Why is mobility important in a cloud-based ERP?

Mobility gives your staff the ability to undertake their work efficiently and effectively and provide real-time information. Using a cloud-based ERP can also increase productivity. Being truly mobile, means staff don’t waste time when working offsite with full connectivity to the business’s ERP.

Cloud-based ERP’s are perfect for companies in fields such as construction, services and product-based businesses. Using hand-held mobile devices gives employees the ability to share and access company information whilst working offsite. There’s no need to return to the office to input data. Furthermore, sales or training staff can access up-to-date inventory while visiting clients.

The flexibility and mobility of a cloud-based ERP also improves data accuracy and real-time visibility. Entering data offsite gives staff the ability to share information with other company departments straight away, eliminating any possibility of double entries.


MYOB Advanced: the cloud ERP mobile solution for your business

The mobility of a cloud-based ERP is a game-changer for businesses in any industry but choosing the right cloud ERP is important.

Does the cloud ERP provide an integrated application that’s compatible with your current mobile devices? Is it user friendly? Does it contain the elements your staff need to get the job done?

With MYOB Advanced mobile ERP app, your staff can access MYOB Advanced anywhere, at any time, with easy access for iOS or Android devices. It includes real-time access, with up-to-date information to your MYOB Advanced data. Synchronisation and updates are automatic, which gives you peace of mind when changes are made in your MYOB Advanced software, the mobile app automatically updates too. Your data is safe and secure, with the ability to activate functions such as the fingerprint scanner or face recognition camera, to further secure your online data.

If you are interested in talking through the advantages of moving to a cloud-based financial management system please contact us to find out more.