New Minimum Wage Increase 2020 from July 1st

July 1st is often an important date for changes to many Financial and Governmental rules and regulations in Australia – including new minimum wage increase 2020 announcements.

July 1st, 2020 is no different.

However, what is different this year is the national and international affect on businesses, employers and employees that Covid-19 is having.

The Federal Government in Australia has announced, and begun, the roll out of a 1.75% Minimum Wage increase for many businesses across the country.

Of difference this year, is that the New Minimum Wage increases are being staggered across different dates for different industries.


July 1st 2020 – Group One

Minimum Wages and Awards will increase for businesses and organisations such as those in the broad Health, Education, Public Service and Essential Services sectors.


November 1st 2020 – Group Two

Sectors such as Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Food and Transport and associated industries will have their Australian Minimum Wage Awards changed, again with an increase of 1.75%.

New Minimum Wage Increase 2020

New Minimum Wage Increase 2020


February 2021 – Group Three

In recognition of the financial impact of Covid-19 on many employers and businesses, minimum wage increases are being delayed until February 2021 for industries and sectors such as those associated with Travel, Entertainment, Food Services (eg Restaurants), Accommodation, Arts, Recreation and Retail. Again, a 1.75% increase is scheduled, but will not be rolled out until Feb 2021.


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