One of the most important tasks food manufacturers and distributors undertake is a stocktake. Traditionally, businesses undertake a stock-take once a year, before the end of the financial year. But is once a year enough? By undertaking regular stocktakes, your business can improve efficiencies, controls and the financials of the business for the rest of the year.

By only undertaking a yearly stocktake, businesses could face:

  • Stock shortages – not having stock available to meet your customer’s needs.
  • Misplaced stock – losing stock in transit or within storage or warehouse.
  • Damaged stock – customers could receive sub-standard stock.
  • Out of date issues – health and safety issues for businesses in food manufacturing.
  • Incomplete orders – employees or distributors may not fully complete orders.
  • Financial costs – product loss and refunds can be detrimental to profit.

At Acacia, we understand that businesses have limited time and resources to undertake weekly or daily stocktakes. We help businesses find solutions to deal with stocktake problems, and can provide benefits such as daily stocktakes, 24/7 access to information and improvements to your businesses financial performance.

With the right automated and traceable stocktake processes in place, businesses will see immediate improvements in Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Proper stock control will ensure all business departments will become more efficient.

Many businesses are concerned about the financial cost to implement automated and traceable systems, but the reality is these systems are not only cost effective, but improve and produce more revenue. They make money, save time, improve employee performance and reduce business owner stress.

At Acacia, we are an MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner and industry leaders in helping food manufacturers and distributors overcome issues, rebound and become more profitable. We help optimise, automate and improve the traceability of your business. With Acacia you know your business is working with the best in the industry. Acacia has the knowledge and experience across any business to provide the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Our high-level situation analysis includes:

  • A clear picture of your current situation, goals and challenges
  • A high-level roadmap of your desired future state in terms of systems and processes
  • A list of “low hanging fruit” and “quick wins”
  • A roadmap of short and long-term actions you need to take to reach your optimum

We are here to help your business. We have the knowledge and experience in any business niche to provide the most cost-effective solution for your business. If you are interested in talking through the advantages of moving to a cloud-based ERP, please contact us to find out more.